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Mid Tex FCU Credit Cards

Mid-Tex Federal Credit Union offers two types of credit cards a MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Platinum visit with the lending department to discover which card is best suited for you. Check out the following benefits available on the MTFCU Credit Cards:

  1. 24/7 Cardholder Service: Call 1-855-256-9156 (toll free U.S.) or 1-301-287-9903 (International) for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, statement request or to dispute a charge.
  2. Online Access:  real-time credit card information, including transaction history, pending activity, payment formation, statements, custom e-mail alerts, plus the ability to sign up for e-statements.
  3. uChoose Rewards program: an award-winning loyalty program that rewards MTFCU cardholder’s usage and activation with valuable and flexible merchant-funded rewards.
  4. EMV Chip-enabled card technology: Chip enabled credit cards are the next level of security for the payments infrastructure. Chip cards, along with chip terminals, ensure a highly secure transaction by validating both the card and the cardholder.
  5. CardValet: a card management and fraud mitigation tool, which enables MTFCU cardholders to use their smart phones to control when, where and how their credit cards are used.
  6. EMV chip enabled protection: All MTFCU credit cards are issued with the EMV chip-enabled protection.

MTFCU CardValet

CardValet app lets you control all your debit cards. Save time and gain peace of mind knowing you can control the cards in your wallet with the smart phone in your pocket, with features such as these:

  • Get real-time notifications when your card is used.
  • Restrict transactions to a certain area using your phone’s GPS.
  • Set security preferences to match your spending habits for each debit card.
  • Set spending limits for every transaction.
  • Enable or disable your cards to be used within certain merchant categories such as gas and groceries, hotel and travel.
  • Lock and unlock your card with a few taps on your smartphone.

MTFCU Refer a Friend!

You love your credit union, so why not tell your friends, family and coworkers about all the great accounts, products and services that Mid Tex FCU has to offer them.  And we love our members so much, that when you refer someone to Mid Tex FCU and they join the credit union, we will show our appreciation to you with an referral “thank-you” of up to $50.00, just to say THANK YOU! for being a member of our Mid Tex FCU Family!

EMV Debit/Credit Card News

A Big change is happening inside your wallet. Financial institutions are in the process of replacing tens of millions of old magnetic strip credit and debit cards with new cards that are equipped with computer chips, that store account data more securely. This entire switch is a massive undertaking, roughly half of all U.S. credit and debit cards will be replaced within the next six months. Also, tens of thousands of individual merchants need to upgrade their equipment to allow for “chip-and-sign” transactions instead of “swipe-and-sign” transactions.

The biggest difference between your old card and your new one is the metal chip embedded on the front, which means your personal data is much safer. The chip assigns a unique code for every transaction made on your card. Even if a thief acquired that code, it couldn’t be used to make another purchase. Chip cards are also harder to duplicate, although it’s not unheard of. Overall the chip cards are more secure than magnetic cards, which are vulnerable because once thieves get a copy of your magnetic card information, it can be quickly copied onto counterfeit cards.

There is a difference in how you use your new card, instead of swiping your card at the check-out, you’ll insert it into a machine with a slot like those on ATM’s. Your card will stay in the slot until the machine tells you to remove it. Unlike magnetic strip cards, chip cards need to be left in the machine for a few seconds to work.

EMV Credit Card Technology
EMV - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chip card? A chip card, also known as a smart card, is a card containing an embedded secure computer chip. Chip enabled debit and credit cards are the next level of security for the payments infrastructure. Chip enabled debit and credit cards require the use of a PIN (Personal Identification Number) in many countries.

What are the benefits of the chip card to consumers? Chip cards, along with chip terminals, ensure a highly secure transaction by validating both the card and the cardholder. Unlike magnetic stripe technology, the chip is very difficult to copy, reducing counterfeit fraud.
Why is the industry moving to chip? The move to chip card technology is the latest innovation in the payment industry's efforts to further secure electronic payments. Chip-enabled payment technology is based on a global standard known as EMV, a proven technology currently in wide use around the world.

Will chip card transactions be any different than magnetic stripe transactions? Contact chip cards are inserted into the chip terminal, and left in the terminal until the transaction is completed. Contactless chip cards are tapped against the terminal. In current EMV implementations, consumers enter their PIN when prompted. PIN entry replaces signature as the method of cardholder identification in most countries, as PIN is a more secure method.

What happens if the terminal is not chip-enabled? To ensure cardholder convenience, debit and credit cards will continue to carry a magnetic stripe for use at non-chip enabled terminal. The cards will be swiped and a signature will continue to be required.



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