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The borrower’s loan rate will be based upon the type of collateral offered as security and the borrower’s credit score by using Mid Tex FCU’s F.A.I.R. Lending system.

Refer to the rates tab for the current rates


Mid Tex FCU offers attractive financing for these types of Loans:
Personal loans
Vehicles - New & Used
Boats - New & Used
Recreational Vehicles - New & Used
Motorcycles - New & Used
Farm Utility Vehicles - New & Used
MasterCard Gold 
MasterCard Platinum
Overdraft Protection
Shares Secured Loans
CD Secured Loans
Mortgage loans and Home Equity Loans

Please visit the rates tab for our current financing rates on these types of loans, or call the lending department of Mid Tex FCU.

Improve your credit score

By improving your credit score, you will possibly lower your rate of interest on borrowed money, receive better rates on car and home insurance products as well as credit card offers.

A credit score is based on information in five categories, which are weighted as follows: 35% is based on payment history, 30% is based on amounts owed, 15% is based on length of credit history, 10% is based on new credit, and the final 10% is based on types or mix of credit.
You can improve your credit score by:

You may be surprised to learn that your debt-to-income ratio, your income, length of residence or length of employment are not considered by the credit bureau in assigning a credit score.

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Mid Tex FCU will refinance your vehicle loan at an annual interest rate that is 2.0% less than it is currently financed at.

Example A: A 25,000.00 loan with an APR of 6.25% and a remaining term of 52 payments has a monthly pmt of $551.00. If you refinance this loan at it's existing term but at a APR of 4.25% your monthly payment would be $528.00. That's a savings of $23 per month and a total savings of $1,196.00 over the remaining term!!!

Example B: A 37,500 loan with an APR of 5.25% and a remaining term of 58 payments has a monthly pmt of $734.00. Again, if you refinance this loan at it's existing term but at a APR of 3.25% your monthly payment would be $700.00.
That's a savings of $34.00 per month and a total savings of $1,972.00 over the remaining term!!!

Let us work with you and we can time the refinance process, so you can skip a monthly payment!!

And the savings continue, for this limited time Mid Tex FCU will even pay the State of Texas record lien title application fee!!

Contact your loan officer at 325-646-4571 and ask how you can refinance your vehicle and start saving $$$ NOW. To qualify for this 2% refinance special: Vehicles to be refinanced, have to be currently financed elsewhere and with approved credit.

Call the credit union for the current minimum rate offered.

Loan Skip-A-Payment

Members in good standing may apply to the credit union once a year to skip a monthly payment on most loans for a fee of $25.00 for each loan approved. With approval, you may skip January or February payment and use that money instead for after Christmas expenses. See your Loan officer for details.
*Loans not included in this program are credit cards, overdraft protection, real estate, or closed end (term) loans.


Gap Protection

New and newer used vehicles often depreciate quickly and vehicle loans are typically getting longer in terms. There may be a point where you owe more than your vehicle is worth. At that point, MEMBER’S CHOICE GAP can kick in to help. If your vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident, GAP will help cancel the difference between the primary insurance settlement and what you may still owe.

Mid-Tex FCU offers Member’s Choice Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) at great rates and affordable pricing. Ask your loan officer for additional information on GAP.

Credit Insurance

Mid-Tex FCU offers its members Payment Protection credit life and credit disability insurance through CUNA Mutual Group. Credit life insurance pays the outstanding balance on your loan if you die before the loan is paid off. Credit disability insurance provides funds to help you make your loan payments if you are unable to work because of an illness or accident.

Most members are eligible to apply for credit life and credit disability insurance. Coverage is available for single or joint borrowers, at affordable rates, and premiums are automatically added to your loan payments.
Protect yourself and your family from the burden that could result if you die or become disabled. Payment Protection offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial obligations will be met. Visit with our lending department for details on Payment Protection credit life and credit disability insurance.


Home Equity and Mortgage

NMLS # 1284279

If you are looking to buy or just want to add that new room, MTFCU has the real estate loan for you. Our rates are some of the best out there and with minimal lending fees, low closing costs while specializing in quick & hassle free closings you can’t go wrong with a MTFCU mortgage loan. We make it easy to get into that home of your dreams….build that new shop….remodel the kitchen or bath…. Whatever your heart desires!

Call the Lending department for all the details and let us make your next real estate loan simple.

Click here for Uniform Residential Loan Application

Mid Tex FCU Credit Cards

Mid-Tex Federal Credit Union offers two types of credit cards a MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Platinum visit with the lending department to discover which card is best suited for you. Check out the following benefits available on the MTFCU Credit Cards:

  1. 24/7 Cardholder Service: Call 1-855-256-9156 (toll free U.S.) or 1-301-287-9903 (International) for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, statement request or to dispute a charge.
  2. Online Access:  real-time credit card information, including transaction history, pending activity, payment formation, statements, custom e-mail alerts, plus the ability to sign up for e-statements.
  3. uChoose Rewards program: an award-winning loyalty program that rewards MTFCU cardholder’s usage and activation with valuable and flexible merchant-funded rewards.
  4. EMV Chip-enabled card technology: Chip enabled credit cards are the next level of security for the payments infrastructure. Chip cards, along with chip terminals, ensure a highly secure transaction by validating both the card and the cardholder.
  5. CardValet: a card management and fraud mitigation tool, which enables MTFCU cardholders to use their smart phones to control when, where and how their credit cards are used.
  6. EMV chip enabled protection: All MTFCU credit cards are issued with the EMV chip-enabled protection.


MasterCard Gold - 12.50% a.p.r.

MasterCard Platinum - 9.90% a.p.r.


* In case of a lost or stolen Mid-Tex FCU MasterCard, call and report to: 1-855-256-9156 (Credit Cards Only).
Members must come into the Credit Union to order replacement card(s).



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