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The purpose of this web is to enhance the support services we provide to our members. We've provided a number of resources here to help you with your Banking needs.

President's Message

...In 1961 the Brown County Teachers Federal Credit Union was organized by a group of employees of the Brown County school district so that employees of the school district would have a place to save and borrow at reasonable rates.

...Since 1961, while maintaining the basic purpose of which it was organized, the credit union changed its name several times to more closely reflect the field of membership the credit union served at the time. Brown County Teachers Federal Credit Union (serving Brown County school employees) became Mid-Tex Teachers Credit Union (serving school districts in 12 counties). Later, the field of membership was expanded to include groups other than school employees, so the credit union name was changed to Mid-Tex Central Credit Union. In 1992 a Federal charter was obtained and the current name "Mid-Tex Federal Credit Union" was adopted. Now all persons living or working in Brown County are eligible for membership!

...During this time we have grown and continually added and improved our services to meet the changing financial needs of our members.

...We are happy to provide you with the Services Guide here on the net. From it , you can see the full service financial package of your credit union.

...From the very beginning, your Board of Directors and Management have been dedicated to serving you, the member.

...Mid-Tex Federal Credit Union is great--let's share it -- show your relatives and neighbors this internet site so that they can see why they should also be a member.

What Do You Mean; "I'm a Member, Not a Customer?"

...We mean you're a member, a part-owner of the credit union. This is not a stockholder owned business, like most banks and small loan companies who have customers they call depositors or borrowers. It's all based on an idea much more than a century old, the "self help" philosophy that is the foundation of the credit union movement. Only members and their families save and borrow money here. The money is saved by members at a favorable dividend rate, and on terms to meet their convenience.

...Your Credit Union is "Mutual". Like all credit unions, ours is mutually owned by its members, a group of people united by a common bond. Our objective is not to make money, but to help our members manage their money by:




...Ours is a non-profit corporation, owned and operated by its members. Our members elect a board of directors to manage the organization. Each member has one vote, regardless of the size of their savings account.

...Your Credit Union is Your Best Place to Save...because you get better than average dividends that make your savings grow faster. Since there are no outside stockholders to pay, all earnings remaining after operating expenses and reserves are paid to our members in dividends.

...Members save here for an endless variety of purposes that include saving for the down payment on a car, boat or home, to build a college fund, for home improvements or equipment, build a fund for emergencies and to build a retirement fund to supplement social security income.

...Your credit union savings are protected by careful investment in sound loans (made to people we know, our own members) by bonding of employees, a substantial reserve fund, and regular audits. Each saver's funds are insured to the full legal limit by an agency of the United States Government.

..Your Credit Union is Your Best Place to Borrow ... because you can borrow from the credit union for any worthwhile purpose, at low rates. You'll find that loans are easier to obtain and also cost less. You are dealing with people who know you or know about you. All are fellow members of the credit union. Our interest rates are as low as we can make them because this is a mutual organization.

...Loans are made to our members to meet a financial emergency, to finance cars, appliances or home repairs, to buy furniture, to pay taxes and for many worthwhile purposes.

...Family Financial Counseling. Feel free to come to the credit union office for experienced advice on any money matters. This is advice that doesn't cost you a dime. We are here to help you on the right track toward the solid and prosperous financial future that is every family's goal.